All of our instructors have generously given their time and expertise for free to ensure that everyone stays supported and maintains their health and fitness throughout these though times. Please show them your love and support back in whatever way you can, all links to their socials below.

We would like to thank all of our instructors and participants for their support of youth mental health.

Dr Timothy Sharp

MIND: Finding Happiness through challenging times

Naomi Holt

Mind: Maitaining a Healthy Mindset

Sheree Webber

Body: Bodyweight HIIT Workout with Sheree

Katie Feder

MIND: Accessing your Inner Wisdom

Yvonne McKenny

BODY: Covid Core: a physio-led Pilates session.

Gerard McCallum

BODY: Functional bodyweight surf specific workout

Nicolas Kleeman

Mind: Meditation with Nick Kleeman

Suparna Bhasin

Mind & Spirit: Secret to Meditation

Emily Herbert

BODY: Yoga & Pilates Fusion with Emily Herbert

Veronika Larisova

Body: Simple exercises for runners, for strength & injury prevention

Anna Mounsey-Heysham

A Yoga sequence to open the heart chakra

Matt Fox

Body: 20min bodyweight workout with Matt Fox

Mirinda Fleur

Body: Gentle Hatha Flow

Zach Vickers

Body: Boxing HIIT Style Workout

Keiran Deck

Body: Beginner Kicks and Flexibility

Courtney Bilske

Body: Vinyasa Flow with Courtney

Kirsten Scott

SPIRIT: Calming power of yoga

Maddison Everist

Body: Yoga with Maddison

Brooke Elliston

Body: Yoga with Brooke Elliston

Ingrid S Clay

Body: Bodyweight HIIT Workout with Ingrid S Clay

Mia Findlay

MIND & BODY: Managing Body Image throughout these times

Paddy Ryan

BODY: At home workout with Paddy Ryan

Jackson Borg

BODY: Bodyweight Session with Jackson Borg

Alice Guerin

MIND: How to create a vision board

Brett Robbo

BODY: Functional bodyweight surf specific workout

Tom Gilliatt

BODY: Core9's 31 Minute Missio


Mind: Automate Health, Happiness and Success

Mental Health Leaders

Mind: Q&A with Global Mental Health Leaders

Ash Biega

Body: Family Fun Workout

Sebastian Guilhaus

Body: Zaney But Liberating Beginners Full Body Workout,

Caitlin Hanrahan

BODY: A bodyweight workout with Caitlin Hanrahan

Casey Castro

BODY: Releasing through the hips

Daniel Batten

SPIRIT: How I miraculously found the power of breath

Fi Wynne

Body: The Heart Rate Raiser

Sam Arnott

Body: A Guide to increase Strength and Mobility

Liby Babet

Body: Supertone (30 min full body toning workout)

Anna Davey

Body: Leg Focused High Intensity Circuit

Rachael Kable

Mind: Mindfulness and Stress Management